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Site Staging / Logistics


Setting the stage for ease of access to all areas of your site for material staging to bringing in precast or large material for your building or development. Also access in all weather conditions. Make your site safe and easy to get around in.

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Constructability Review


We offer a constructability review for all disciplines.

We will scour your contract documents and generate RFI's for any detail or specification that is incorrect or incomplete. We have over 40 years of commercial construction experience in many different types of construction including distribution warehousing, office buildings, educational facilities, medical facilities, sports complexes, including natatoriums, industrial facilities, and correctional facilities.

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Project Scheduling


We can schedule any size project from small residential projects, large development projects to multi-million dollar large commercial projects.

We have prolific experience in all phases of all types of projects including education, industrial, office, distribution, recreation, automotive, and medical.

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Progress Photos / Aerial Data Collection / Videos / 3D Modeling / Elevation Mapping


We use the newest and most high definition equipment and software to make your project photos and videos as real as being on site. Our software for 3D modeling and elevation mapping is state of the art and can generate some very realistic models of raw property, site developments, or completed projects for you to use in team meetings with Owners / Architects / Engineers that will bring your subject to life

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